Arcfall is a new sandbox MMORPG based on a open fantasy world. Being a pure skill based classless system, there is no specific class but rather players can choose which skills to increase. Join us in Arcfall !

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19/01/2020 Update Pre-Alpha 5.3  We concentrated on fixings a few major bugs in this patch which we hope has the quest bug fixed where a players character would get broken and be disconnected on login. If your character was broken like that please let us know if its still broken.        READ MORE

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29/06/2019 Update Pre-Alpha 3  This update we did not get everything in we hoped but allot of the stuff that's in is major features which required allot of work. We hope you enjoy the new features.
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27/04/2019 Update Pre-Alpha 2.52.2   This is a small patch to gradually add in more resource nodes as well as extra housing plots.
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30/03/2019 Update Pre-Alpha 2.50   This was a small update as most work was done on the back end. We added blueprints that was missing as well as a new small island.
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23/03/2019 Update Pre-Alpha 2.49 This patch, we have added in two new islands and some new skills and mobs.

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